Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All the Buildings In New York

I've discovered this project a couple of years ago, a while after James Gulliver Hancock started drawing all the buildings in New York... You all know that I've always loved 'the city that never sleeps', and I love architecture too, so the combination of this 2 things can only result in something that I would love! 

For more info: James Gulliver Hancock
I've been wanting to post about his work since then but, as usual, all my post ideas end up in a folder inside another folder inside another folder in the back of my computer (and my brain). And suddenly, last weekend something clicked inside (my brain, not my computer, I would be worried if that was the case!) and I remembered about it! 

In how many of this buildings have you been?
 James Gulliver Hancock, artist and illustrator, was born in Australia, where he grew up and where he started his own businnes (a gallery in Sydney named SPACE3). After travelling throught Europe and Asia, where he started painting rooftops, cars, bicycles, he arrived to NYC in 2010, and he started the difficult task of painting all the buldings in the city. 

What started as a hobby and a blog ended up being a book published by Rizzoli in April 2013, 'All the Buildings in New York (that I've drawn so far)', a love letter to NYC and its diverse architectural styles. Organized by neighborhoods, this book is a must have for anyone who loves this city, featuring buildings such as the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum... and other not-so-famous buildings all over the 5 boroughs. 

How can you not fall in love with this drawings? If you want to know more about him visit his web page or his blog, which he updates almost everyday with new drawings. I'm checking it everyday to see if, one day, he'll draw the building I used to live, 201 West 109th, on the Upper West Side ;)

Even the cover of the book is gorgeous!!

Check this video out for more drawings and enjoy!


All the drawings have been painted by James Gulliver Hancock, and I've made the collages myself.


  1. Me ha encantado! No conocía yo a este chico pero es genial su peculiar manera de interpretar la arquitectura, de retratarla no sólo exteriormente, de darle color y una visión no tan sobria a edificios que a veces lo son.
    Me voy a pasear por su blog.
    Y ay cómo entiendo eso de guardar en una carpeta, dentro de otra carpeta dentro de otra carpeta para finalmente olvidarlo.

    Un besote Carla, siento no poder pasarme a verte más a menudo.

  2. graciassss... que bonito todo, me encata¡¡¡
    saludos desde España


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