Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thanks to Eurobecas Caja Madrid, last summer I had the chance to stay two months in Ireland. If you've been to Ireland you'll realize it's not exactly a good idea.  Summer is supossed to be the season when you can go to the beach, enjoy sunbathing, wear strapless t-shirts and flip flops, drink cocktails in terraces... Not in Ireland. Summer in Ireland means rain, wind, sun (sometimes), umbrellas, coats, scarves... and lots of fun.

As the saying goes 'When in Rome...', I took advantage of the country and enjoyed it as much as I could. Which means 'It's raining again?, let's go to a pub an drink some beers!'.

I want to dedicate this post to the 33 guys that came with me to Dublin, some of them had become good friends, and to remember the good old times we had in Ireland.

Salthill - Galway

Glendalough - co. Wicklow

Christchurch - Dublin

Cliffs of Moher - co. Clare


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